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We welcome you to the start of this new wave of entertainment, news and educational experience, so get prepared to be glued to this website Here at Lay-it Production. Our team is here to ensure you have all the latest information on a whole different array of topics. On all the things we have to come witch mostly is provided by you the people, so now you have control of the driver seat of our future so come help write history with your story and ours together we will show the past to the future so make sure you register and get logged in to speak you mind.

Here is what we are about.


LAY-IT PRODUCTIONS is at the **Center** of attention in the CAPITOL CITY, **WASHINGTON, D.C**, and all over the **DMV**! We are a household name for Parties, Club Nights, “MAIN EVENTS”, BlocK Party’s, COOK-OUTS and (etc.) so let us at LAY-IT PRODUCTIONS–host your next Function that you are planning to have in the **DMV**. Do to the success of LAY-IT PRODUCTIONS, we are proud to present you with a branch of LAY-IT PRODUCTIONS, “WATTS UP RECORDS” a Smokin’ Hot core of Musicians,Managers, and FAMILY sure to give you what you are looking for from D.C. in da music world and you can STAMP THAT!!! LAY-IT PRODUCTIONS also has a studio that is definetly the place to Record YOUR next HIT with top of the line recording an mixing tools with countless sounds, Effects and Plugins.With all of our recording packages; Mixing and Mastering; is included so don’t worry we got you!!! Because this is “WHERE THEY DO THAT AT”….”LAY-IT” 93-255-5683


You can contact us @: layitproductions@ layitproductions.com